[this poem is for you]

this poem is for you

the you
whose eyes are drinking in these words
whose ears are listening to their sounds
the you
sitting present with me in this poemspace
across time and space

you matter.
so much.
I name this moment
after you

the only you
there is no other you

no one else could sing your song
dance your rhythms
shine your light

you are the only one who knows
what you have to give to the world
you are the only one
who can be
what we have been
you to be

this is truth
this is your own voice
do you recognize it
do you remember your sound?

for a moment
can you find your beat?

this poem is for you
it is the root of every poem
the poem of every poem

this Love is for you
it began before there was time
it is the song of the stars
the dust from which you came